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⬤ To get notified and for offline playing on iOS (and Android too), join our Music Files Channel on the Telegram app.

⬤ 🎬 icon next to the audio means that it is also available as a video on Youtube or Instagram. So after you tap on it and play the audio, you can then tap the same 🎬 icon in the top player to instantly play the video of that particular audio at fullscreen in Youtube or Instagram apps both of which are required to be installed on your phone. ⬤ Just tap on any audio in the playlist to play it instantly. ⬤ Tap the top TALKS, LANG dropdown bar to see audios of Talks, Topics, and Languages. ⬤ On android or desktop, tap the red download button when the audio is playing to save it. ⬤ For iOS, tap the blue download button to open the audio url. Copy that url from the Safari address bar and paste it in the browser of the free Documents iOS app to download and keep that audio forever in this Documents app for offline playback. ⬤ Only iOS does not support continuous background playback from one audio to the next. Android, Windows, and MacOS keep on playing the audios in the playlist one by one in the background if you just start playing the first audio you want to hear. ⬤ Tap at any point on the top audio seek bar to directly go to that point of time in the audio. ⬤ When you search or go inside a topic, only those audios will autoplay one after another. So you can create your own autoplaying playlists on the fly by searching for the word you want and just clicking play once in the search results. ⬤ If you want to loop one specific audio over and over again in the background, then type its full exact title in the search bar to make sure it is the only track showing up in the search results. Then tap to play it and it will keep on looping till you stop it. ⬤ Type the artist's name in the search box to see the audios only by that artist. ⬤ Please SHARE the link on all social networks and to everyone you can to help them relax, heal, enjoy, focus, love, and get blissed out by Nitaai Meditation. ⬤ And please don’t forget to DONATE, in whatever way you can, to help us pay for the premium global CDN servers and bandwidth, which are enabling these audios to start playing instantly anywhere in the world.

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